“Livet Efter Pippi” is an experiment about the moral issue of AI-generated art and copyright. To take a Swedish icon and put her in a new context.
A fictional story of Pippi Longstocking as a Hollywood actress. An exhibiton about her 50-year long career on the silverscreen.

Part of Måns Wrange’s course “Konst Reklam Konst”.


“UNORTHODOX” is an independent magazine focusing on unorthodox methods of music making. Our prime mission is to uplift lesser known artists within a variety of genres. We want to allow these brilliant minds to shine in an otherwise bland popular culture that value numbers over artistic integrity.

Our first issue focuses on three main protagonists: Monica Lim, Laurie Anderson and Aleksi Perälä. These brilliant people come from very different backgrounds and fields but the common denominator is that they all have a focus on elec­tronic music and a new way to shape and mold it.

Issue: Electronic
16 pages
170mm x 250mm
Printed at Newspaper Club on 55gsm improved paper stock.

collaboration with:
Gabriel Ankar
Rebecca Lagerstedt


A new subway sign made for the trainstation “Masmo” in Southern Stockholm. Inspired by the cave enviroment surrounding Masmo station.

collaboration with:
Ted Söderberg
Salmah Jumbe
Justus Skördeman


Designlead for the Stockholm label - Crowd Control. Album covers for the record label as well as posters for events.


Original logo and artwork for the techno collective Kontainer.
Posters in various formats. Techno events at the club Backdoor 27.10.21 and 15.12.21